Medical Usages Of Pomegranate

General Medicinal Notes

1- Cold natured people should take sugarplum after eating pomegranate.

2- Eating too much of pomegranate leads to emphysema and ucler of the stomach.

3- Bark and root extract can Excrete of intestinal worms but may cause dizziness and vomiting.

4- Sodden of pomegranate skin recovers sore throat and Hemorrhoid.

5- Sodden of pomegranate flower removes mouth ulcers and chronic Diarrhea.

6- Sodden of pomegranate flower with sesame oil is good for curing burns.

7- Sodden of pomegranate root can appease tooth ache and regulates menstruation.

8- Pomegranate can cause constipation.

9- Sodden of pomegranate skin wards off helminths.

10- Pomegranate purifies blood.

11- It sustains heart and kidneys.

12- Pomegranate is appetizing, so better to be used before taking meals.

13- It wards off urea, cholesterol and poisons.

14- It is helpful in treating rickets, anemia and neurasthenia.

15- Sweet pomegranate banishes depression.

16- Sweet pomegranate sustains liver and treats icterus.

17- Sweet-sour pomegranate lowers blood pressure.

18- Pomegranate juice lowers thirst.

19- Sweet pomegranate sauce is useful for thin people.

20- Sweet pomegranate stops coughs and smoothes voice, so that is helpful for singer.

21- Sweet pomegranate stops itching.

22- Pomegranate remedies longing of pregnant women.

23- Sodden of pomegranate leaves cures Migraine.

24- Drinking sodden of pomegranate skin and Castor oil simultaneously may cause poisonous.

25- Pomegranate removes intoxication.

26- Pomegranate is useful for treating diabetes.

27- Pomegranate reduces harmful effects of taking drugs.

Medical Pomegranate

Modern Medication

All researches in this field have been performed in laboratory in test tubes or on animals. There is not absolute evidence on it’s effects on humans.

The studies show that the juice and rind have antioxidant properties due to the existence of huge amounts of Polyphenols. Polyphenols provide color and flavor and prevent cells from damage and body from inflammation.
Pomegranate is also a good source of vitamin C. A pomegranate with average size can provide 40% of daily requirement of this vitamin. But it must be taken into consideration that pomegranate may interfere the effect of other medicines and so should be carefully used.


As mentioned before, pomegranate juice, rind and oil contain a large amount of antioxidants and other nutrients. This fact was a good motivation for performing tests in laboratories to find out whether they can be helpful in curing cancer. The results declared that pomegranate juice can slow down the reproduction of cancerous cells and even cause their destruction. It can also prevent blood from reaching tumors and decrease their size this way. This is what happened to the mice which suffered from lung cancer and were used in experiments.

Other studies have been done on humans, mainly concerning breast and prostate cancer. The outcome was promising.
PSA level in men was compared in these tests. The less time taken by PSA level to double, the more risk to die from prostate cancer is expected. It was observed that drinking 8 oz. of pomegranate juice a day could increase this period from 15 months to 54 months.

Nevertheless before consuming pomegranate or any other herbs during the treatment of any cancer, one must consult his/her oncologist, because they may interfere with other medicines and decrease their effectiveness.

Heart Disease

According to test results, drinking 1.7 ounces of pomegranate juice every day leads to systolic blood pressure decline by 5 percent with no effect on diastolic blood pressure.

Another problem related to heart disease is observed when LDL cholesterol damage occurs and this results in plaque formation in arteries. But the antioxidant in pomegranate prevents this event. An experiment on humans showed that pomegranate extract enhances blood flow and so keeps arteries clear and far from getting thick and tight. It also raises HDL (good cholesterol) and lowers LDL(bad cholesterol).

In an experiment on laboratory mice -which are genetically susceptible to heart disease- drinking pomegranate juice for 11 weeks caused a decrease in fuain cells and fatty lesions size in arteries by 44%, both factor relating to heart disease.
On the other hand, the decline in LDL oxidation results in sticking them to arteries walls which can cause heart disease.


Osteoarthritis is a disease in which cartilage in joints get worn down and cause pain during movements. Flavonols are kind of antioxidants which not only stop the destruction of cartilage, but also cease the generation of an enzyme that destroys them.

Kidney Disease

According to the scientists’ studies in the university of Michigan, pomegranate juice is helpful for patients during their dialysis procedure. The amount of antioxidant Polyphenol lowers destruction of cells and enhances blood flow which is suitable in dialysis period.

Infection is the second reason of death among people who suffer from kidney diseases. Based on a research 100 patient those who drink pomegranate juice three times a week, are less exposed to infection. No drink with this property has been found as strong as pomegranate juice.