Apple Fruit Warnings

Most of us think that apple fruit is a completely safe fruit and there is no limitation about its use. Yes, but be careful about apples seeds because they are slightly poisonous and should not be used in high doses.

Also, apples may have unpleasant effects on people who have weak stomachs. These peoples are more likely to have diarrhea and constipation and high intakes of apples may worsen their situation than to help them. So these people should consume apples moderately.

The apple pectin in high intakes can have side effects. High amount of apple pectin if used simultaneously with some drugs may hinder the absorption of chemicals of the drug. As an example, it’s better not to use apples with Fexofenadine (Allegra) because it influences the Fexofenadine’s absorption in our body. So, if you care about this drug’s effectiveness, try not to use apples simultaneously. Apples may also result is some allergies.