Who We Are

Iran Fruit Center started, like all good things do, with a dream and a lot of hard effort. Before there even was The Iran Fruit Center, there was Mr.Mousavi Nejad, born at the end of the 19th century when just about anything was capable of becoming.

Iran Fruit Center is a part of Ario Corporation which is acting in Fruit Growing , Packing and export. Ario started to grow Fruit , with a small pomegranate garden in Kashmar city , in 1910. During years we achieved excellent experiences to grow best quality pomegranate without using harmful poisons. expanding our farms during the years was our small company managers strategy , so that we reached 100 acres pomegranate garden beside some export activity to Middle East countries like UAE , Kuwait , Saudi Arabia,…

By entering International markets and realizing foreign customer’s demands, Ario decided to supply a fruit basket for export markets with high quality and desired packages. This decision was so important that our company invested in necessary facilities like cold storage and packing factory. At present Iran Fruit Center , is the Ario department specialized in fruits Growing , Packing and export which has focused on Apple, Kiwi and Pomegranate fruits alongside other departments acting in agriculture business.