Apricot is nearly ball shape with a hole at the top. The skin is yellow to orange and looks soft and shiny and flat. Apricot appearance is similar to nectarine and peach, but those fruits skin color usually is near to red. Like other common fruits, apricot has several different varieties, but only one or two types of apricot are popular in market.


Considering various health benefits of the apricot, it is a magic diet food, presenting a large healthful nutrition quantity as well as reducing caloric gathering, as it is very low in calories in comparison with the other fruits (each 3 apricots have only 45 calories)!

Fresh apricot is a great origin of various Vitamins like A, C, E, potassium and iron. 3 pieces of apricots supply about 50% of your body needed Vitamin A. Experts recommend highly to use apricot as an excellent choice of serving fruits in a day and also for dieters .

Iran is the second country in the world production statistic of Apricot fruit according to the FAO report