Apple Fruit Facts

There are a lot of interesting facts about apple fruit that we don’t know, some of which has been mentioned in the following lines.

– The apple fruit was first originated in Asia.

– Apple fruit is considered as a member of the rose family.

– If you put a garden-fresh apple fruit in water, it will float because 25 percent of the apple fruit volume is air.

– 7500 apple fruit types have been found and cultivated up to now.

– 2500 of 7500 apple types have been cultivated in the United States.

– The heaviest apple fruit recorder had a weight of 1.849 kg and was found in Japan.

– A normal and healthy apple tree has the ability of producing about 88.2 to 441 pounds of apple fruits in a year.

– For the first time, an apple tree produces apple fruit when it’s four or five years old.

– It takes about six years to an apple fruit tree gets mature and when it getsmature; its lifespan can be more than 100 years.

– The apple treesare mostly 3-12 meters tall and they have thick crown.

– The Apple trees start blooming in spring season and yield crop by fall.

– The apple trees are pollinated by bees that carry the pollen of other apple trees. In fact, apple trees need cross pollination or pollen of other apple trees.

– For reproduction of apple trees two approach can be applied: grafting and budding.

– In various languages and cultures various sayings have been made for apple fruit. As an example two well-known sayings: “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away” and “to eat an apple before going to bed, will make the doctor beg his bread” are two English sayings which refer to beneficial effects of apple fruit for our health. Also the saying “You are the apple of my eye” was invented by the ancient Romans and Greeks. The Greek and Roman believed that the human eye ball was similar in shape to the apple fruit. This saying is an indication of love and is still popular today.

– In the fall season and when the apple fruits ripen, most of the apple fruits are still picked by hand and not by mechanical devices.

– In 2006 /2007, China won the first production of apple fruit with about 25,000,000 metric tons apple fruit production. In the same year, the USA won the second place with 4,460,544 metric tons of apple fruit production.

– In 2006/2007, the global apple fruit production was 44,119,244 metric tons which is almost a high score.

– Before going to the market, the apple fruits are polished by waxes that are made by the natural materials.

– The largest reported apple fruit weighted three pounds.

– The apple fruit blooms are pink when they first open, but after a while they turn to white color.

– The fossil of apple fruit was found in Switzerland which goes back to prehistoric ages.

– The apple fruit contains five seed pockets. The vigor and healthiness of the apple fruit tree determines the number of seeds in each seed pocket. Also, various apple types may have different numbers of seeds in each seed pocket.

– If you put an apple fruit in a room with mild temperature, it ripens six to ten times quicker than when you put it in the refrigerator.

– In the process of producing an apple fruit, the needed energy is taken from about fifty leaves.

– About 70 percent of apple fruit fiber and most of its antioxidants exist in apple fruit skin. The antioxidants prevent cell damages and some harmful diseases. So, for the best use of the apple fruit chemicals such as antioxidants, it is suggested to not to peel the apple fruit.

– 50 percent of the production of deciduous fruit trees is specified to the apple fruit.

– The human being has been enjoying the apple fruit throughout the history. Archaeologists have found some evidences that show that apple consumption goes back to 6500 B.C.

– For making a gallon of apple cider, you should use 36 medium apple fruits.

– A peck of an apple fruit weight about 10.5 pounds.

– When you slice an apple fruit and when the slices are exposed to the air, the ferrous oxide in the apple fruit changes to ferric oxide. This process results in apple slices getting brown. To stop the apple slices coloration, it is suggested to immerse the apple slices in the mixture of water and drops of lemon juice.

– The seeds inside the apple fruit are slightly poisonous and can be harmful for birds.

– Apple fruit was the favorite fruit of ancient Greek and Romans.

– The crop of an average apple tree can fill twenty boxes that each has 42 pounds weight.

– You can make a nine-inch pie with two pounds of apple fruit.

– The apple fruit lacks cholesterol, fat and sodium.

– A medium-sized apple contains about 80 calories.

– A medium-sized apple contains five grams of pectin which is a kind of fiber.

– Many of the orchard owners and apple growers use the dwarf-sized apple fruit trees.

– Lady apple type is considered as one of the oldest apple types.

(The statistics are borrowed from USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service)