Apple Fruit Tree

The apple tree is a tree fruit which is widely planted around the world. Apple fruit trees are cultivated in orchards and after about four or five years they produce the first fruits. Nowadays, apple growing has become a science named Pomology. Using this science, many people and experts have tried to improve the methods used for producing the best products.

apple tree

The product of apple tree that is apple fruit can be found in variety of sizes, colors, and tastes. More than 300 kinds of apple trees have been found today, and this tree has the ability of growing up to 40 feet (12meter). Regarding the size of these trees, they may be super-dwarf, semi-dwarf, dwarf, standard, and large standard.

The young apple tree is composed of two equally important parts, the part which is in soil called rootstock, and the second part which is above the ground called scion. The rootstock controls the size of the fruit tree and the scion produces flowers and fruit. Mostly, the apple flowers are grown at the end part of the tree branches, and they usually blossom in spring. These flowers are white with a good sweet smell.

Two types of buds grow on the apple tree: the vegetative buds that only yield shoots and leaves, and the mixed buds which yield shoots, leaves and flowers. Every flower bud of the apple tree yields five flowers. The flower that opens first is named king flower and produces the largest apple fruit in comparison to other flowers. The other four flowers normally open about 48 hours later than the king flower. In order to result in apple fruits, the flowers need pollen which should come from flowers of another tree or a different cultivar. This pollen is mostly carried by honey bees. Some apple orchard owners keep beehives in their orchard especially when the apple trees are blossoming. Bees help the pollination of the apple tree.

In order to strengthen the apple trees, the branches should be trimmed. Trimming the branches helps all leaves to take sunlight and consequentlyhaving better production and fruit quality. In condition that leaves do not receive enough light, they won’t produce enough sugar and it may influence the quality of the fruit.
The apple fruit tree not only yields delicious apple fruits, but also helps your home landscape to become more pleasant.