A Rare Apple Fruit Originated In Iran

The ISNA NEWS agency reported a rare apple type found in a village named Bakran in Semnan province, Iran. This rare apple is mostly referred to as “red apple“. The skin and flesh of this attractive apple type are both red. Even the flowers, the leaves, roots and seeds are all red.Moreover, this apple type has a tart flavor but when it ripens completely it gets sweater (mostly at the end of autumn). The apple has a medium size and is not a big.

Although some people in other countries claimed that they first produced this rare apple type, but this rare apple was grown in Iran for about hundred or more years. As ISNA reports, one of the oldest inhabitants of Bakran aged 110 years states that this rare apple trees existed in this village since his fathers and ancestors.This special apple type can also be found in other towns in Semnan Province such as Shahrood, Shahmirzad, Bastam, and Damghan.

The people in Bakran believe that this rare appletype is helpful in curing various diseases especially for preventing cancer. In Bakran, this beautiful apple is used for various purposes including: for making jams, cider, and cooking and fresh eating. The experts believe that these apple trees with red leaves and red apples were used as an ornament by people; otherwise they may have not existed. Recently, these special apple trees are planted more because of the special attention recently given to them.