Apple Fruit Kinds

The apples have been known by humans for thousand years and various apple kinds have been found around the world. It is interesting to know that there are more than 7,500 apple types around the globe which is quite a huge number. Some of the most popularapple types and their uses have been presented in the following paragraphs.

apple kinds

Ambrosia Apples

The Ambrosia apples were first discovered on a Cawston British Columbia orchard in the 1990s by chance seedling.Because of its especial conic shape and pink skin, this apple typeis called “Food of God” and is one of the favorite apple types for the people in Columbia.One of the characteristics of Ambrosia apples which make them special is the aromatic smell and the honey sweet taste of them. Furthermore, when you cut the Ambrosia apple into slices, it doesn’t turn brown quickly. Because of the high dose of natural sugar in this apple type, less sugar amount is needed while cooking them.

Arkansas Black Apples

The Arkansas Black apples trees were first rooted in Arkansas, USA. Because of their dark color, these apples can be easily distinguished from other apple types. As the fruit ripens, the skin of Arkansas Black apples gets darker and darker. This apple type has a quite sour taste and can be kept in storage up to six months.

Braeburn Apples

The Braeburn appleswere originated in New Zealand are considered as a commercial apple type. They have a yellow or green skin color with reddish-orange strips on it. Also, these apples have a crispy edible texturewith a sweet flavor.

Calville Blanc D’HiverApples

It is said that the Calville Blanc D’Hiver apples originated in France.These apples have a deformed, bumpy shape with spots on them.The Calville Blanc D’Hiver apples are recognized by red streaks on a green background. The edible portion is light yellow, with a slightly tart taste and a hint of bandana or pear. Because of their distorted looking shape and their tart flavor, The Calville Blanc D’Hivers apples arebarely used for fresh eating and are considered as the best ingredient for dessert.

Cameo Apples

The Cameo apples which are also called Caudle were first discovered in Washington by chance seedling. This apple type is somehow similar to Red Delicious, although they are not as red as the Red Delicious apples. They have a crispy edible texture with a slight flavor of pear. Also, the Cameo apples are mostly eaten fresh and are available in the market from October to August.

Canadian Strawberry Apples

The Canadian Strawberry apples have a conic shape, yellow skin with green hints, and the size is often medium to large. They have anedible juicy texture with brilliant taste of tartness. In fall season, Canadian Strawberry apples ripen and after they ripen you can keep it in storage only for one month. They are considered as dessert apples and are used to make cider.

Cortland Apples

The Cortland apples originated in Geneva, New York and are used for all purposes. They have a yellow skin with redish-green streaks, and the edible portion is white, crispy, juicy and with a sweet flavor. When you slice a Cortland apple, it doesn’t turn brown quickly and this characteristic makes it especial for various types of salads and desserts.

Empire Apples

The Empire Apples were first cultivated in the 1960s by crossing between the McIntosh and Red Delicious apples. They have a roundish shape and the skin is brownish-red with green hints on it. The edible portion is white and crispy with a sweet-tart flavor. The Empire apples have a lot of uses including: the fresh eating from the tree, baking, cooking, making sauces, desserts, and freezing.

Fuji Apples

As it is clear from its name Fuji apples originated in Mount Fuji, Japan. Theses apples have a light red color with hints of yellow and are large in size. The Fuji apples flavor is well balanced between sweetness and tartness. Also, these apples are mostly used for cooking because of their thick skin which keeps its shape while cooking.

Gala Apples

The Gala apples were first discovered in Canada. They have a small size and a thick red skin with green or yellow streaks. The edible portion is crispy and firm with a brilliant sweet flavor. The Gala apples are best eaten freshly from the tree and used for making sauces and salad.

Gold Rush Apples

The Gold Rush apples have a golden skin with bronze tints on it. The edible portion of these apples is crispy, has a pale yellow color and a tart flavor. These apples have a long life and can be kept for about seven months in storage.

Golden Delicious Apples

Golden Delicious is another apple type which in comparison to Red Delicious apples is a little sweeter. This apple type is juicy and has a crispy texture. Regarding its shape, Golden Delicious is fatter and rounder than Red Delicious apple type. Also, Golden Delicious apples are mostly used for baking, making apple sauce and especially salads because they have a stable texture and do not turn brown quickly.

Granny Smith Apples

Granny Smith apples are special for the balanced tastes of sweetness and sourness and were first discovered by Maria Ann Smith in Australia. These apples have a distinguishable bright-green color and stay fresh during the transportation. Also, because of their thick skin, Granny Smith apples can be stored in cold storage for about six months. Considering its special taste, these apples are mostly used in desserts, pies and for making a unique sauce.

Gravenstein Apples

Gravenstein apple trees were first found in 1669 and mostly cultivated in Denmark. These apples have bright green skin and the inside edible portion has a yellow crispy texture with a tart flavor. Gravenstein apples also exist in red color with hints of yellow color on it. These apples are mostly used in a fresh mood because they cannot be kept for a long time in storage. Moreover, the Gravenstein apples are mostly used to make apple sauce and cider.

Honey Crisp Apples

Honey Crisp Apples originated in Minnesota in the 1960. In the 1990s, the farmers began growing this apple type. This cultivar was produced by crossing the Macaun and Honeygold apple types. The skin of these apples has a green or yellow color with tints of red. The inside eatable part has a crispy texture and a honey sweet taste. These apples are available in different sizes from medium to large and are used both in fresh raw state and in salads, sauces, and in a lot of other recipes.

Idared Apples

The Idared apples were first discovered in Idaho, USA. This apple type has a green skin and is medium sized. They also have a white juicy texture with a tart taste. The other characteristic of this apple type is that it keeps its shape while cooking, so it is used in pies and sauces. Also, they are kept in storage for a long time.

Jazz Apples

The Jazz apples are the result of crossing between Gala and Braeburn apples and were first cultivated in Australia. This apple type is not appropriate for fresh eating and is mostly used for making sauce. Also, they are not good for storing and cannot be kept for a long time in storage.

Jonagold Apples

The Jonagold apples were first found in New York, USA. These apples have a green skin with red tints and a yellow texture with a strong smell. The juicy texture of these apples resulted in their use for all purposes including making salads and baking pies.

Jonathan Apples

The Jonathan apples were first discovered in Woodstock, New York, in 1820s by chance seedling. Theses apple have a smooth purplish red skin and sweet and sour flavor. They have a medium size and are mostly used for making cider and sauces.

Macoun Apples

The Macoun apples are Americans favorite apple and were first located in Geneva, New York. These apples have a dark red or sometimes black color. Under the skin of these apples you can find a snow white crispy flesh with a sweet taste and a nice aroma. This apple type is good for fresh eating and cannot be kept for a long time in store.

McIntosh Red Apples

McIntosh Red apples were first located in Ontario, Canada. When they’ve ripen they get red and are slightly sour. They have a juicy and crispy flesh which is unstable and loses it shape in high temperatures. Because of their unstable texture, McIntosh Red apples are hardly used for baking and are mostly used for making apple sauce.

Melrose Apples

The Melrose apples were first developed in Ohio. These apples have a rough yellowish green skin with hints of light red and a sweet and sour flavor. They are all-purpose apples and are used for fresh eating and cooking.

Mutsu Apples

The Mutsu apples were first found in Japan. This apple type is also named Crispin and is somehow similar to the Golden Delicious apples. They have a large size, a green skin, and a sweet taste with a hint of tartness. While cooking, Mutsu apples do not lose their shape, so they are mostly used for baking.

Newtown Pippin Apples

The Newtown Pippin apples were first located in a village in Long Island. These apples have a yellow or light green color skin and a yellow edible flesh with a piney smell. They are mostly used to make hard cider.

Northern Spy Apples

The Northern Spy apples do not have a very good shape but they are good sources of vitamin C. Also, the soft inner part of these apples is white and juicy and they have a green skin with red streaks. These apples are used for some purposes including: for making pies, cider, sauces, and juices. The Northern Spy can be kept in storage and are good for this purpose.

Pink Lady Apples

The Pink Lady is a brand name for apples which are named as Cripps Pink. These apples are mostly cultivated in hot weather conditions such as Australia. They have a medium size and a green skin with pink streaks. The inner part of these apples is juicy, firm and sweet. They are mostly used to fresh eating, making desserts, salads and jams.

Red Delicious Apple

The Red Delicious apples origin was in Peru, Iowa. This beautiful apple type has a deep red color. In contrast to their beautiful and attractive appearance, the red apples flavor is rather mild and insipid. The skin of this apple type is thick and has a bitter taste, but the inside eatable part has a crispy texture. In comparison to the rounder apple types, the Red Delicious apples have thinner shape. It’s better not to use the red apples type for baking. They are mostly eaten in salads.

Rome Beauty Apples

The Rome Beauty apples are also known as ‘Red Beauty’ and ‘Red Rome’. These apples have a round shape and a thick dark red skin. They were first located and cultivated in Ohio, US. The inside part of the apple is white, juicy and crispy with a mild bland flavor. Because of their mild taste, the Rome Beauty apples are not eaten raw but used for cooking and baking.

Spartan Apples

The Spartan Apples origin is in Canada. These apples have a crimson color with green streaks. These delicious apples mostly have a small to medium size and the inner part is crispy and juicy. The Spartan apples are the children’s favorite because of its sweet and sour flavor. They are not good for storing and for this reason they are not abundant in all seasons.

Swiss Gourmet Apples

Swiss Gourmet Apples which are also called “Alert” are yellow-green and have a medium large size. This apple fruit type is produced by crossing between the Golden Delicious and Ida Red apples. They have a crispy texture with creamy white color and are mostly used for fresh eating and baking apple pie.

Winesap Apples

The Winesap apples are also named ‘Virginia Winesap’, and their origin is in New Jersey.These apples have a yellow or green skin with red blushes. They have a crispy and juicy flesh and a bit sour flavor.This apple type is mostly used for cooking and baking.