Suitable Climate Condition for Pomegranate Growth

Pomegranate shrub is a strong plant and can adapt itself to a wide range of climates and soils, although tropical or semi-tropical climate would be the ideal choice. Evergreen types are grown in beaches or climates with high humidity and deciduous types are grown next to deserts and climates with dry winters.

It is cultivated in lands between 41 degrees north and south latitude and amplitude up to 1600 meters from sea level. Temperatures lower than -15C and higher than 40C as well as severe sunlight can damage the products. Old and sweet pomegranate trees are more sensitive toward cold weather. Sudden cold in spring is also harmful for blossoms and leaves.

In order to avoid these kinds of damage, appropriate pomegranate cultivars must be chosen in regard to the climate condition. Other crop parameters must also be considered, including proper place, destruction of weeds, direction of cultivation and pruning. Northern slopes and hillsides are better choices in cold weather while top of the hills, Southern slopes and valleys are quite the opposite.