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200 gram rice
1 kilo vegetable(leek, parsley, coriander, mint)
100 gram split peas
4 tablespoon grated onion
1 cup pomegranate juice
½ cup pomegranate sauce
2 tablespoon tomato sauce
2 tablespoon angelica
3 tablespoon oil
5 cup water
Ingredients for meat balls:
300 gram mince
4 tablespoon nokhodchi flour
1 small onion
1 egg
Saffron, salt and pepper


1-    Fry onion and split peas in a pot. Add water, salt and pepper. Let the peas cook for a while.
2-    Wash the rice carefully and pour it in the pot. Let it fully cook.
3-    Make small meat balls using mince, flour, onion, egg, saffron salt and pepper. You can add rice to the mixture if you like to. Cook them in water and oil.
4-    Pour pomegranate juice, pomegranate sauce, tomato sauce and angelica in the pot.
5-    Add the meat balls and chopped vegetable. Close the lid, so the mix boils and gets ready.
6-    Fry the mint in the oil in a frying pan.
7-    The pottage is ready. Decant it in a bowl and decorate it with mint, saffron and pomegranate seeds.

Nutrition Value:

Energy Fat Protein Carbohydrates
38 kcal    0.3 g    0.4 g    10 g

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