Apple Fruit Health Benefits

People usually consume apples as the usual part of their diet, and they are told that vegetables and fruits are the healthiest foods they can eat. But, are we aware of all the health benefits of apple fruit? As many health experts believe, in order to better enjoy all of the health benefits of apple fruit, the best way is to eat apples fresh and with skin.Read the following points about apple fruits health benefits and you will know that it is inevitable putting this wonderful fruit in your daily diet.

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1. Apple fruit and Heart Health

The research done in recent years has revealed that the regular apple fruit consumption can have various health benefits such as decreasing the risk of heart diseases and lowering the blood cholesterol level that may cause to stroke and heart problems. The special health benefits of the apple fruit can be related to the vitamins and minerals, as well as Phytonutrients such as procyanidin, epicatechin and quercetin.

Two special antioxidants named flavonoid and polyphenol, which are abundant in apple fruit, are beneficial for heart health and preventing stroke. Research has confirmed that flavonoids are directly related to the coronary heart diseases and those people who used even low doses of flavonoids had lower risks of contracting heart disease.

Quercetin is the main flavonoid in apple fruit. The quercetin which can be found abundantly in apple skin and onion may help preventing chronic inflammation and cardiovascular disease. So, when you want to eat apples, it is better not to peel off the skin of the fruit because you may lose the vital nutrients.

Moreover, the apple fruit contains soluble and insoluble fibers. Soluble fiber such as pectin impedes the deposition of the cholesterol on the walls of blood vessels and lowers the risk of heart disease and atherosclerosis. In conditions of cholesterol solidification in blood vessels walls, the flow of the blood to the heart decelerates and may lead to coronary artery disease.

2. Apple fruit and cancers

In recent years, research has revealed that apple fruit may be influential in reducing the risk of developing several cancers such as colon cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer, colorectal cancer, and ovarian cancer.

Some studies published in the “Journal of the National Cancer Institute” state that the fiber content in apple fruit named pectin impedes the spread of cancer in the body and has the anti-carcinogenic characteristics which put an end to cancer cells.

The anti-cancer compounds in apple fruit such as phenolic acids and flavonoids impede the development and expansion of cancer cells and tumors. One of the flavonoids in apple fruit is called quercetin. It is interesting to know that this compound not only reduces the risk of various cancers, but also it hinders the development of cancer cells with no harm to the cells which are in good health. The scientists also stated that the antioxidants in apple fruit are beneficial for our immune system and may help in removing free radicals which may destroy cells by shifting enzymes.

The cells alternation may leads to cancers and diseases especially in older people.

At Cornell University, some researchers after investigation of the apple skin have found numerous compounds named triterpenoids that reduce the growth of the cancer cells in breast, liver and colon. They have previously discovered that the apple extract may decrease the quantity and size of breast tumors in rats.

3. Apple fruit and Lungs

The whole apple fruit with skin contains compound beta carotene, vitamin E and vitamin C. these ingredients can also be found in citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons. The recent studies revealed a positive relationship between the quantity of apples consumed per week and the function of lungs. The correlation showed the better function of lungs by eating at least five apples a week.

Some studies were also done regarding the use of apple fruit and the effect of air pollutions on people’s lung health.

The results revealed that the quercetin in apple fruit helps reducing the destructive free radicals of chemicals that may hurt the lung tissues and finally it was understood that apple fruit protects the Lungs from pollutions in the air.

4. Apple fruit and Memory

It is said by many experts that apple fruit containing antioxidants prevents oxidation damages resulted by free radicals and finally improves memory.

5. Apple fruit and Liver

Every day we are receiving toxins by eating food or drinking. In our body, liver detoxifies all the toxins and sends them out of the body. Health experts believe that diets for detoxifying are not helpful enough and they suggest that the best thing to do to help the liver is to eat fruits such as apples. How does the apple fruit help cleansing the liver? The reason is that apple fruit is alkaline and contains vitamins and minerals such as pectin which act as cleansers. Thus, in order to help the liver get rid of destructive elements and to keep the body from becoming too acidic, it is suggested to use apple fruit .

6. Apple fruit and bones

The apple fruit contains vitamin C and Phlorizin (a kind of flavonoid which exists only in apples). These two compounds are good for preventing osteoporosis especially in the women who are susceptible to having osteoporosis before menopause. Moreover, eating apples aid better absorption of iron in our body, so they are beneficial for bone density and structure. The other wonderful compound in apple fruit is Boron which results in strong bones and is especially good for healthy bone structure and development in children.

7. Apple fruit and muscles

Another substance named ursolic acid which exists in apple skin helps having strong muscles and a healthy metabolism.

8. Apple fruits and teeth

The other good reason for eating apple fruit could be that it provides us with a healthy gum and healthy teeth. By eating and chewing raw apples you will give your gums a healthy massage and your teeth get cleaned. Various studies have been done in this regard. As an example one study suggests that eating and chewing the apple fruit which is not peeled may clean and whiten your teeth such as a stain remover.

Some experts believe that the acid content in the apple fruit arouses the saliva production and hinders the growth of bacteria in the mouth. While, the others believe that the high doses of this acid slowly consumes the enamel of our teeth. Also, the natural sugar ingredients of the apple fruit may result in teeth decadence. So, in order to have healthier teeth, it’s better to brush your teeth after eating a delicious apple especially before going to bed at night.

9. Apple fruit and skin

Eating vegetables and fruits have always been suggested to be great for the skin. The apple fruit which is the king of the fruits contains vitamin C and A which are good for skin. Moreover, because of having the acid content, the apple fruit can work as an astringent which provides you with a spotless, shiny skin. Apples also functions as anti-aging material which help recovering the elasticity of the skin. As to the external use of the apple fruit, the mixture of apple pulp and honey, or apple pulp and milk can be beneficial for having a shiny and healthy looking skin. Also, vitamin C aids in the production of a substance named collagen. Collagen is an anti-aging factor which helps the skin look younger.

10. Apple fruit and blood cholesterol

The LDL or bad blood cholesterol is the cause of various cardiovascular diseases. Pectin which is a flavonoid abundant in apple skin has an important role in decreasing the bad cholesterol level. Pectin binds itself to the cholesterol and takes the cholesterol with itself through the digestive tract which results in low absorption of LDL cholesterol. In the same way, pectin helps the removal of mercury, lead, heavy metals and other pollutions that we receive from air, food and water.

Regarding those who have high LDL or bad blood cholesterol, it is suggested to use apples because as studies shows those who consumed apples every day succeeded to lower their cholesterol level up to 16 percent. In fact, the regular consumption of the apple fruit keeps the LDL in control and helps you to have a healthier life.

11. Apple fruit and Immune system

Apples have an important role in boosting our immune system. The apple fruit is abundant with flavonoids which are antioxidants that recover our immune system and prevent cancers and hearth diseases. The role of antioxidants is cleansing the free radicals out of the body, and stopping the free radicals to change the DNA and causing harm to cells. The cells damage usually results in dangerous cancers and tumors. The apple fruit is also abundant with vitamin C which fortifies the immune system. Hence, try to eat apples every day because they can help strengthening our e immune system specifically at times when we are really stressed.

12. Apple fruit and constipation

Constipation is not a disease and every person has experienced it during his/her life. Apple fruit and apple juice are considered as the best natural solutions for treating constipation.

What is constipation? Constipation can be considered as a prodrome. When bowel movements decrease to three or less times a week, we can say that the person has constipation. In this situation the bowel movements usually cause pain. Having improper bowel movements for one or two days is not the sign of constipation, but if you are in a condition in which evacuation of you bowels happens three times a week or less, then we can say that you are suffering from constipation.

There are some reasons behind constipation. The chief reason could be that the large intestine absorbs the water excessively. Usually, the extra water of the digested food which has entered to the large intestine is absorbed by colon. But, if the situation changes and the colon suck the water excessively and there be slow colon muscle contractions, the stool won’t move toward rectum and becomes solid and difficult to be evacuated from the bowels.

The other reason for the constipation can be the improper diet. In condition of having low fiber foods or not drinking enough water the risk of constipation increases. The intestinal diseases also cause constipation.

How to treat constipation?Apples contain a chemical named sorbitol. In condition of presence of sorbitol in large intestine, sorbitol drains the water into the colon and helps the solid to become softer and be evacuated easily. Sorbitol can be easily digested by adults, but infants and elderly people can have problems with digesting sorbitol. Also, pectin in apples is influential in threatening the constipation.

There are various methods to treat constipation. If your situation is not severe and you have mild constipation, you can mix fresh apple and pear juice in equal amounts. You can use this mixture two times a day, when you get up in the morning and before you go to bed. The reason of adding pear juice is that it is abundant with vitamins, minerals, fiber, and beneficial chemicals which maximize the effect of apple juice and help cleansing the colon and kidney.

If you have had constipation for a long time, you can add prune juice to the fresh apple juice. You should drink this juice mixture at least 3 or 4 glasses every day. Try not to use the bottled juice, because the containers hold harmful solvents that may influence the apple juice.So if you don’t have access to homemade fresh juice, it’s suggested to use processed juice kept in glass containers, although, they may contain artificial sugars that neutralize the beneficial effect of sorbitol.

For speeding up the effect, the best way is to eat apple with skin, because it contains high dietary fiber in its skin which helps bowel movements. But, be cautious about apples when you want to eat them with skin because they may contain remains of pesticides.

13. Apple fruit and diarrhea

Those who can’t stop going to the bathroom can use the apple fruit to beat the diarrhea. The apple fruit is abundant with fiber which helps taking water out of the colon and absorbs the extra water and soothes the bowels.

14. Apple fruit and Asthma

The apple fruit contains Phlorizin that is a flavonoid and can be just found in apples. The phlorizin helps reducing and preventing the asthma attacks. It is also said that apples help the lung function better. Some studies have been done in this regard. As an example studies done in Australia revealed that the apple consumption helps reducing the asthma risk in adults aged between 28 and 42 years old. Studies on children also revealed that those who used apple juice regularly were less risky to have asthma than those who didn’t use apple fruit or rarely used.

15. Apple fruit and weight loss

Overweight is the reason of a lot of health problems among which are stroke, sleep apnea, heart diseases, high blood pressure, and diabetestype 2. To avoid overweight and to be able to lose weight, health experts usually suggest foods full of fiber. Foods rich in fiber are not high in calories, fill your stomach and make you feel full for a longer time. The apple fruit can be the best choice because it’s full of fiber. So, if you are overweight and you want to lower your appetite, eat an apple before every meal because apple suppresses you appetite.

Apples contain no cholesterol and fat. The apple fruit fructose is also beneficial and stabilizes the sugar level in our body. Moreover, the fiber that is abundant in apple fruit prevents from deposition of fat in the cells. The polyphenols ingredients also control the fat metabolism and provide use with a healthier body.

16. Apple fruit and Alzheimer

The statistics shows that more that 30 million people around the world are suffering from Alzheimerand it may be a nightmare for a lot of other people who are aging. Health experts believe that the high consumption of fruits and vegetables reduce the risk of Alzheimer disease.

But, how can an apple stop Alzheimer disease?Alzheimer is an age-related neurodegeneration disease. The consumption of apple fruit may slow down the speed of this disease when it has just started. The health benefits of apple fruit are related to the minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients like procyanidin, epicatechin and quercetin. Quercetin which is abundant in apple skin operates as an antioxidant and fights against free radicals which are the cause of cell break down, deterioration and finally Alzheimer.

Some studies were done on mice regarding the effects of apple fruit on Alzheimer. These studies revealed that consumption of apple juice can help avoiding the devastating effects of aging on the brain.

17. Apple fruit and Parkinson

Many studies have revealed that the people who consumed the high fiber vegetables and fruits were less risky of having Parkinson disease. Parkinson is in fact the result of collapse of nerve cells that produce dopamine in brain. The apple fruit contains high antioxidants. The antioxidants fight against the free radicals and decrease the risk of Parkinson disease.

18. Apple fruit and diabetes

The apple fruit is abundant with pectin which helps decreasing the blood sugar and is considered as a good food for diabetics. Apple pectin also decreases the swings of blood sugar and helps managing diabetes by decreasing the amount of insulin needed by the body up to 35 percent. The study done on the women revealed that those who consumed one apple or more a day were twenty eight percent less probable to have type two diabetes than those who didn’t use apple fruit.

19. Apple fruit and Gallstones

Gallstones appear as the result of high amount of cholesterol in bile. The cholesterol becomes solid and this mostly happens in those who are overweight. In order to prevent gallstones, it is suggested to have high fiber foods such as vegetables and fruits. The apple fruit is the special fruit which is considered as a gall-bladder cleanser and helps preventing and breaking gall stones.

20. Apple fruit and bowel syndrome

The bowel syndrome is known by bloating, pain in stomach area, diarrhea, and constipation. To get rid of these signs and pains, health experts usually suggest avoiding fatty foods and diary and the abundant use of fiber. The applesarea type of the full fiber fruits which are used as a solution to bowel syndrome.

21. Apple fruit and Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoid is a very painful disease accompanied by inflated veins of the anal canal. The excessive pressure to the rectal and pelvic areas results in this situation. In order to reduce the pain resulted by hemorrhoids, it’s suggested to consume more fiber which controls constipation and decreases the high stains when a person goes to the bathroom. So, eating apple fruit which is abundant with fiber can helps those people who suffer from hemorrhoids.

22. Apple fruit and digestion

The apple fruit contains malic and tartaric acids which prevent the process of fermentation to happen in the intestines. Moreover, apples are abundant with fibers that help the process of digestion and the smooth movements of bowels. The smooth bowel movements help prohibiting from constipation and disorders in stomach. The pectin also helps the process of growing the good and useful bacteria in digestive tract.

23. Apple fruit and Anaemia

Anaemia is the disease of lack of hemoglobin and loss of blood. This illness can be cured by regular use of iron. In this case, health experts suggest the regular use of apples because apples are abundant with minerals and vitamins.

24. Apple fruit and weakness

Apples are consumed by people who have physical weaknesses to help them get better and take back their strength and energy. So, patients who are recovering from their ailment can use the precious apple fruit to get better and strong. Apples detoxify the body of the sick person and aid in improving the overall health.

25. Apple fruit and Rheumatism

Because of the beneficial nutrients, apples help in the process of healing and are useful for those patients who have rheumatism.

26. Apple fruit and eye disorders

It is believed that apples help making the eye-sight stronger and are mostly used for curing patients suffering from night blindness.

27. Apple fruit and stress

The pectin in apple fruits helps reducing stress.

28. Apple fruit and intestine

The apple fruit is abundant with pectin. When you eat an apple, the bacteria inside the intestine help the pectin transfigure into a tranquillizing coating in intestines wall. This coating alleviates the stomach spasms.

29. Apple fruit and dry cough

Apples are also beneficial for treating the dry cough. The mixture of honey and steamed apple is the best for healing the dry cough and may aid in eliminating mucous in the lungs.

30. Apple fruit and fever

Apples contain a high percent of water and are used for humidifying, cooling and decreasing fever and temperature. For decreasing the fever, the patient should be given the grated apple.

31. Apple fruit and cataracts

The recent studies have revealed that those people who use vegetables and fruits abundant with antioxidants such as apples, are less possible to have cataracts in future up to 10 to 15 percent.

32. Apple fruit and infants

Apples are mostly favored by adults, but this fruit has a lot of great benefits for infants too. Apples can be given as a good weaning food to infants when they are four or six months. Apples are abundant with flavonoids which aid in treating infants stomach disorders, diarrhea, constipation, and coughing. Apples are also good for babies’ dental disorders. For more information about feeding babies with apples and the benefits you can refer to this article: