Pomegranate Peel

Pomegranate And Vanilla CakeNutrition Value and Health benefits

Although pomegranate pulp and juice are also rich in antioxidants, phenolics and nutrients, but pomegranate peel exceeds them in some level. Results expressed here are reliable only for organic pomegranate, since various unwanted chemicals could be found in fruit peel produced by conventional farming.

Pomegranate peel contains beta-carotene, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, 5.35% mineral matter and 16.5% polyphenols. According to May issue of “food chemistry”, pomegranate peel yields 59mg/g flavonoid while the ratio is only 17mg/g for pulps. The number is 250 versus 24 for phenolics and 11 against 5 for proanythocyanidins. A scientific research held at the Institute of Hygiene and Environmental Medicine in china indicates the same results. It also points that there is the same amount of Vitamin C in pomegranate peel and pulp.

pomegranate peel contains double antioxidants that it’s pulp contains. These antioxidants have also higher activity levels and protect LDL cholesterol against oxidation more effectively. So pomegranate peel seems to be more helpful for preventing heart disease in comparison to the fruit’s pulp.

Which Problems Pomegranate Deals With?

Pomegranate is helpful in preventing and curing some diseases and body disorders including diabetes, prostate cancer, high blood pressure, lymphoma disease, fertility problems, premature aging, tooth floss, coughing, arthritis and fevers. That is why it is sometimes used in tooth paste, teas or as preservative in foods and pharmaceutics. Some traditional medicine such as in India believe that pomegranate peel pacifies all the three doshas, and is useful for healing anemia, diarrhea, dysentery, intestinal worms, swelling and inflammation. It also helps to have smooth healthy skin, boosts digestion and promotes healing.

How to Dry Pomegranate Peel?

Take an organic pomegranate, take it’s peel and throw out the white bitter parts. Cut it into one inch size pieces and dry in the sun or dehydrator until it looses it’s moisture completely. Then grid it in mortar and pestle or in a grinder. Keep the powder in a bottle away from sun light in order to preserve the antioxidants.

How to Use Pomegranate Peel?

– You can use it with ginger and tulsi as a home remedy for coughing. Children can just suck on the peel to heal their coughing.

– Pomegranate peel powder with hot water can treat sore throat, bad breathe, excessive urination and bleeding.

– Pomegranate peel with lime juice can remove boils and acne.