Pomegranate Exports

Pomegranate export as many other agricultural products deals with it’s own problems including transportation difficulties and orchardists and exporters’ unfamiliarity with scientific methods of harvest and conservation which leads to loss of products.

But the problem could be solved through a fitting approach of marketing, growing relevant pomegranate types in specific climates and a rich knowledge of people’s relish of destination country.

Among all the other exporting countries, Iran takes the first place owning 64000 hectares under pomegranate cultivation. In 2007 it exported 27,439 metric tons worth 17,790,451 U.S. dollars.

The main importing countries in 2007 were: Austria, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Germany, Armenia, Spain, Afghanistan, UAE, Italy, England, Ukraine, Bahrain, Bulgaria, Japan, Sweden, Singapore, Russian Federation, France, Turkey, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Belgium, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Belarus, Romania, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Kyrgyzstan, South Korea, Canada, Moldavia and Netherlands.

According to the statistics presented by Jihad-e Agriculture Ministry, Plant production department exports of pomegranate from Iran in a five-year period since 2003 till 2007 are as in table below:

Year Total export (Kgs)
2003 14,075
2004 23,417
2005 24,389
2006 29,565
2007 27,439

Next places belong to India and Spain having 42000 and 3400 hectares under pomegranate cultivation respectively.

ROJ Enterprises is one of the most important companies in India that generates pomegranate concentrate. This product is classified in luxury items in India and is traded at high prices in the country’s markets.