Iran apple export in 2021-2022

Every year 90 million tons of apple is producing in the world and the share of Iran as the fourth-largest producer of apples is 3.7 million tons of it. Over 250000 hectares of Iranian gardens belong to apple, with different climates that make them amazing in taste and color with high quality. All these organic apple harvestings happen in Spring, Summer, and mostly in Fall.  Just in the first season of the Iranian calendar, spring which is (March 21-June 21) 207,257 tons of apples worth $62.587 million have been exported, in comparison to last year it grows, an official of the IRICA, Ruhollah Latifi added.

Iran In Export Market

The Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration (IRICA) has stated; in the previous year, Iran’s non-oil export was 112 million tons valued at $34.5 billion. In recent years Iran planned to raise its non-oil export and as agriculture is its strength, Iran began to grow its products in this area. As result, the previous year Iran were exported more than 8.832 million tons of agricultural products, livestock products, fisheries, and foodstuff worth $6.167 billion with an average value of $698 each ton, which shows its growth.

The official announced, 7.7 percent of the country’s weight of exports in the last year, was food and agricultural products which in terms of value, they were more than 17.6 percent of the total value of exports. On March 20 of the past year as spokesman of the IRICA, has reported 884,798 tons of apples worth $326.668 million were exported from Iran to 27 countries around the world. The top 5 apple buyers of Iran during last year were Iraq, Russia, Afghanistan, India, United Arab Emirates (UAE), they respectively have bought $105, $95.4, $51.7, $26.6 million of apples from Iran last year.

Export Market Prices For Iran Apples

In recent past years, as the amount of apple export has gone up, the prices of apples have risen up too. Iran golden and red apples are the most requested variety in the global markets. The Apple prices in Iran for export are as competitive as red apples, because of their taste. Every region in Iran has its customers for apple. In the international markets exports of apples from Iran are categorized as Dried and fresh apples. The total values in export for apples in Iran in 2019 were US$ 256,313. In 2019 the export price changed to $0.43 per kilo, by -20.616%, in 2021 the approximate price range for Iran Apples is between US$ 0.43 and US$ 0.54 per kilogram which indicates Iran’s apple prices is increasing in the international markets.

Countries Importing Apple Fruits

Iranian companies mostly focused on their neighbors in the middle east, Russia and India. One of the best ways to expand markets of apple fruit is to recognize international needs by observing their standards in the field of packaging and sorting. Because of the high rate of apple export in recent years, Iran can hope that it has been able to introduce different varieties of this fruit to more than 20 countries that have the great capacity of this fruit. Except for the countries that are currently Iran apple importers, some countries in the world have the highest purchases for apple which are the best international market targets for Iran. A lot of Iranian company about 70% of them do not recognize them and they can invest in these countries. The most important of these markets can be, Russia, France, the USA, and Canada. Nonetheless to say that some of these countries are in top apple producers in the world, but different varieties of this fruit can be supplied. apple