Iran Apple Exporter

Some Iranian apple exporters collect standard apples from the first step of the product cycle which is farms and usually store them within their storage facilities, creates the best condition, and keeps apple quality to the last step, exporting apples to the worldwide companies through their shipping equipment themselves. Most exporters aim for middle east countries but there are also sent to other countries like India, Africa, and even some European countries.

What types of apple does Iran export?

Most of the time name of Iran has appeared in eighth and tenth in global fruit production. There are about fifty different types of fruit grown in Iran, besides some nuts and pistachio, dates, melon, watermelon, grape, oranges, kiwi, and pomegranate Iran produces apple and many other fruits which is capable of exporting to other countries due to its high quality. The share of just three kinds of Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, and yellow apple orchards is 251,000 hectares and each hectare provides 15 tons of them annually. Among all apples that are produced in Iran, Fuji, yellow, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, and Royal Gala are suitable for international markets.

Iran beside biggest producer and exporter of apples

China ranked first apple producer in the world with approximately 41 million metric tons, and second place goes to European Union with 11.48 million metric tons of apples. Iran is the sixth-largest apple cultivator with about 2.8 million metric tons, the number of the apple product is growing in recent years. As a result, last year Iran has reached and stands beside the top ten worldwide apple exporters. China which is also the top apple exporter in the world, shares of total apples exported in the international market estimated 19.8% in 2020. Then respectively you can see Italy, the USA, New Zealand, Chile, and France.

Iranian Apples season availability

With considering all kinds of apples that are produced in Iran, Iran Apple Exporters are so lucky because if they work on different kinds of apples they can export them from January to December, every month of the year.  For example, Granny Smith and Royal Gala are available from July to October, Red Delicious, and Golden Delicious from September to June.

Wholesale Apple Sorting

Iran apple exporter know well about the technology they needed to follow the global standards, and instead of using human intervention for sorting, they use machine for sorting their product based on weight in five groups.

Size (gr) 60-100 100-140 140-160 160-220 220-250


Wholesale Apple Packaging

Common apple packaging are two kinds of plastic baskets and telescopic cartons. Some Iran apple exporters can customize their package based on customer needs and the way they want to transport it

Iran apple Cargo handling

Apple should keep safe from origin to destination, so taking care of cargo situation is important. To reach this goal Iran apple exporters, maintain the required refrigeration temperature. Importer’s requirements may be different from each other but some freshness criteria that must be conducted, like controlled atmosphere between 1-3% O2; 1%-3% CO2, optimum carrying temperature for Hard varieties -1°C to +1°C, and chilling sensitive varieties should be 3°C to 4°C and highest freezing point should be 1,5°C for chilling sensitive varieties and other criteria that Iran apple exporter should be considered due to deliver fresh and standard apple to its customer. Preserving apple for exporting, in a sealed room by reducing the amount of oxygen and replacing it with nitrogen gas, can slow the ripening. By reducing temperatures and keep them low according to the variety of apples, they could be last approximately a year.