Iranian Apple Fruit

The apples produced in Iran have various shapes and colors. They have a round shape with a cavity at the top; some of them are closely rounded and the others have a conic shape. Moreover, some of Iranian apple fruits have knob-like lobes at the bottom of the calyx. The other characteristic of these apples is that they have a firm flesh with red, white or yellowish-white color. The skin of these apples is not harsh and is shiny. The skin color may be yellow, green, red, dark red, or the mixture of these colors.

Iran Red apple

Crab apples still exist and can be found in jungles placed in north of Iran. The apple trees are mostly planted in Urmia, Mashhad, and Shemiran, and Azerbaijan province. Moreover, in Iran the harvest seasons for apples are winter and summer.

There are various types of apple trees in this region (Iran). By considering the root-stock type (standard, semi-dwarf, dwarf), these trees may range in height from 0.6 to 3 meter. The leaves of these apple trees are dark to light green with toothed margins. The underneath of these leaves have a silver color.

Iran Red Apples

Malus Domestica is cultivated worldwide, almost all people taste it once. Its common name is apple. The crunchy, crisp fruit. Since apple is known in medicine for contains lots of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins such as Vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin B6, which is vital for our body. Many types of research showed and highly recommended consuming apples in our daily diet would help us to boost our immune system, control our weight, curb all sorts of cancers, keep Alzheimer’s away.

Main Regions of Iran Red Apple

Iran is located in a great zone and climate that is suitable for producing apples. Planting apple tree in different species with high quality all over Iran makes this country one of the top producers of this fruit. All types of the apple tree in Iran has its flavor and color but Among all these trees, the red apple becomes so valuable due to its unique delicious taste and attracted many international attentions. Mainly, Iran Red Apples are cultivated in six provinces. Among all, the northwest provinces of Iran are the best geographical places for producing red apples in terms of quality and quantity. They grow these trees whiteout chemical pesticides and preservatives which makes the red apples healthier and their sweet natural taste unforgettable.

Iran Red Apple Season

One of the factors that affect apple prices would be the harvesting season. Iran Red Apple harvesting season begins in early October and it will continue until the end of June, which is the same as with the northern hemisphere. This coincidence will make the markets more competitive. But, these two have their customers, because of transportation costs and the rest of the competitions factors will be on the consideration of standard for international markets.

Iran Red Apple Storing

There are a lot of Iranian companies who are experts in exporting apples with consideration of customers’ needs like fresh fruit. After harvesting apples, if there is no time or situation for delivering apples to the markets, it is stored. Every chamber has different conditions for storing fruits and for apple the best temperature would be 0.5°C.

Iran Red Apple Export Markets 

Though some middle east countries are apple producers, the biggest producer in the region is Iran. This is the best choice for these markets to import Iran Red Apple due to lower transportation costs and also it arrives there fresh. Iran also has a big share of the global export market, Iranian red apple export to 24 countries annually, and over international markets, prices of Iranian apples could be different according to various factors, such as; weight, sizes, harvesting season, and transportation cost.

Iran Red Apple is known as a popular brand called red delicious. Red Delicious is a famous variety of Iran red apples, which Russia is one of its best target markets. These apples that are cultivated in an organic method, will go to local markets demands and the first-grade one will be exported in high demands to the global markets and it had gained 3% of them. The proportion of this fruit is about one-third of 3.7 million tons of apples that are annually produced in Iran. Besides, it always shows their goods with high quality and reasonable price which makes other industries interested to be their regular customers on very large commercial scales.

Fortunately, lots of investors interested control its sales conditions. Nonetheless say the difference between Iranian apple’s wholesale price and the product’s market price is considerable and apart from the high quality offered here, most of the demands paying attention to it because of the satisfaction it makes for them.